Stay at home

Dear Vialis followers,

We have spent a few days without saying anything about this new situation and we apologize for this temporary absence. These are difficult days for everyone, which will force us to understand that, now more than ever, it is necessary to ponder. We want to recognize that we are still in a very initial scenario to understand, honesty, what is the position that the brand should mantain in such a complicated, new and uncertain context for humanity. That doesn't prevent us from sharing our situation and actions since last Thursday, March 12th. We understood from the first moment that we were facing a rare situation. We tried to make the whole team aware of what could happen, when we saw what was happening in Italy. We tried to react as quickly as possible, we adapted to reality to continue serving our clients from teleworking. Our mission was twofold, to maintain the health of each and every one of our employees and collaborators, as well as to minimize the risk of contagion. Since Friday, March 13th, we work remotely, and we closed all our stores the next Saturday, March 14th.

The situation was, is and will be very tense.

#stayathome is the only thing we should do.

That is why today we've made the decision to stop sending orders from our online store. If we minimize the risks with our people, we must do it with third parties. We temporarily stop serving customer purchases because we want to reduce the assumable risk to absolute zero. We have the conviction that transportation, right now, should only be used for what is considered essential.
However, to mitigate that frustration, we offer you a 20% discount coupon every day we experience this situation. The coupon is called TAGKP91D. We have a person in our factory, our beloved Dani, who, with all his love and dedication, prepares these orders in our warehouse in Sax, Alicante (Spain). Always with all the security and protection measures established. And so, to reduce contacts between people, orders will be sent once we have returned to normal.

We are a small company. We have surfed very complex situations in the past and the only thing that has saved us has been solidarity and trust. This pandemic is a learning for all and we will take lessons from it: it will lead us to be stronger, in every way. Surely nothing will be like it was before, but since we have an optimistic spirit, we hope that in some aspects the future will be a better place to live. #vialisbarcelona