We currently have more than 150 Multi-brand stores that sell VIALIS shoes, as our brand of Sneakers AROin Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, United States, Japan and Israel.

Our main focus is in Spain, but little by little we try to reach as many cities as possible inside and outside our borders, thanks to the trust these companies place in our brand and in our shoes.

The quality of our skins, the process of manufacturing handmade Spanish Levante and the care and affection that we put in each of our designs to make them unique shoes, make our brand VIALIS a safe bet for any of our Distributors.

Our brand of Sneakers ARO, although it has a shorter life time, is already making its way in the international market, and many of our distributors of VIALIS, already acquire a great assortment of our sneakers.

If you want to you can access all our sale points from our clients:


  *it is recommended to verify with the distributor the availability of our products.





We are always delighted and grateful to be able to offer our products to any multi-brand distributor or company that appreciates our way of working, our manufacturing process, our care for the quality and origin of our skins or, just appreciate the tangible and intangible characteristics of our shoes.

So, if you are interested in being able to offer our products in your store or be a distributor of our products, please contact us without any commitment to the following email:, or call us at

We will answer you as soon as possible and inform you of all the options, facilities and opportunities that we can offer you as an established brand both in national and international marking.